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about Wim Slabbekoorn

Hi, good to have you here!
My name is Wim and I love to work with young people.

For me it's really great to see how students get new insights about 'the journey of life'. Probably no one told you that it would be easy, but sometimes reality can be hard! Someone to talk to, outside university or college can be helpful.

Most of the time urgent issues have to do with personal life, study or struggles with career and future choices. Feel free to contact me about that.

After more than 11 years as a lecturer and career coach, I've developed a curriculum and program to help students with their issues. I'm not a psychologist or 'shrimp', but a 46 year old experienced coach living in the lovely city of Middelburg, the Netherlands.

I'd love to meet you irl or online, to see if I can do something for you. I offer coaching in English and Dutch.

This page is set up, to let you know that I'm available for international students living in the Netherlands.

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I can help you take the lead again in your personal life:

- personal issues, like concentration or motivational issues, or if you suffer from anxiety or negative thoughts during your studies

- study related issues, like planning, procrastination, concentration, motivation, keep track

- students who have doubts about the chosen (or follow-up) study or Master or who are considering switching programs or stop with studying entirely or issues with career planning

- confidential personal conversations about questions that bother you regardless of your religion, or background

- study related issues, like study delays, legislation and regulations, financial support -> go to the student counsellor or info desk at your university or college

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